Oh yeah, we miss Jumpgate!
04 Feb 2014 : 20:04  by KNYSBART
Missing it aswell? Would you love to kill flux? Even enjoy to mine? ....
  • by Kronen in 28 Oct 2016 : 19:50
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    Location: Leicester, UK
    Not seen any Conflux yet, but done some mining, and flown combat escort for someone else doing mining, which was fun.

    Ah, those small sectors, flying from gate to gate. i miss that smile
  • by KNYSBART in 04 Feb 2014 : 20:06
    Comments: 26
    Location: Hessen - Marburg
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-B-N- 3 weeks ago
I play a bit of PUBG, not very good mind smile

Static 3 weeks ago
Can't say I've tried them. Having said that, I could hardly be classed as 'active' on any game recently. Too much writing to do smile

Jarod 3 weeks ago
Btw, anybody else active in World of Warplanes or PUBG / Fortnite by any chance?

KNYSBART 1 month ago
Happy new year!

Static 1 month ago
Happy new year smile

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