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Cant get on with this Joystick
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Sun, Mar 23 2014, 08:17pm
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I have always played JG with a mouse but wanted to see if a JS would help PvP using the joystick which would make rolling the ship a lot easier by twisting the stick.

However, this is not the case....i cant hit [censored] !

I bought a Thrustmaster hotas which seems a good stick. Plenty of buttons and a separate throttle.

I have the deadzone set to 0 and 100% sensetivity (any less and the throttle dosent reach max thrust ?)
But i really have trouble aiming. Maybe i have used the mouse too long to change?

But what about a playstation style controller ? Do you know if anyone uses these for this style of game and could they be set up ?

Im sure on one of the progress videos for elite i saw people using this style of controller ?

Any help or advice appreciated and if you are using a game pad style controller, what config and what sort are you using



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Mon, Mar 24 2014, 07:14pm
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No idea about the PS-controller, but to train targeting, i would get me a laser-nix and start hunting small flux. you should get into it within some time.
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Mon, Mar 24 2014, 10:45pm
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The Elite devguys mostly use the Xbox controller as it takes up almost no space on the desk and has a bunch of axes. My brother got an A10 Warthog and I may get one too. Very nice looking stick.
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Sun, Jun 08 2014, 06:19pm
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I am beginning to like the controller / Pad, I bought a Logitech F710, a bit of a revelation when you get the set up right. Using it successfully with ED apart form the times when the binds do not work, but I have a feeling that happens when the PC hasn't seen the pad until I press a pad key or move one of the sticks. Not great when it happens when you launch from station pad

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