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Malice 30 Oct 2017 : 13:31
Found it

Malice 30 Oct 2017 : 03:53
Hey guys where do I find a list of members?

Static 13 Oct 2017 : 17:22
The site didn't seem to think so, so who was I to disagree?

Flash 12 Oct 2017 : 20:19
He means it was Bleachin's birthday not HG's!

Static 30 Sep 2017 : 23:45
Hmm? What do you mean?

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News - Category 'Misc'
07 Jan 2012 : 14:08  by Jarod

** UPDATE 3 **

The move is done, within the next 48h all DNS servers on the intarwebs should be able to guide you to w w w . fatalshadows . de to this very site without further redirectioning.

** UPDATE 2 **

I've decided to cancel my contract with the old ISP as a whole, which will make it easier for me to sort out any other domain I have registered with them, hence the move was delayed a bit. Still please use w w w . fatalshadows . eu for the immediate future.

** UPDATE 1 **

Since I've been in the mood this weekend, the site transfer will go faster than expected. I will cancel and move it next week. So if you experience any downtime, please use
*** w w w . fatalshadows . eu ***

Ladies and gents,

I have decided to move us to a new ISP.

What does this encompass?
Everything, the site, database, everything.

New ISP?
Yes, we'll have more of everything, DBs, space, traffic and stuff.

What does this mean for me?
Nothing, really. I will copy the site and have FS.DE forward to the new domain when I'm done. You shouldn't notice anything, only the domain in your address bar will change.

No downtime?
There will be a transition period with ~2 weeks of downtime of the FS.DE domain once I start the transfer process to the new ISP (later, maybe in a month or two). Since by then the new domain(s) will be up and running, you can go there though, so the site will be available.

New domain(s)?
Yes, I registered and today. (which forwards here anyway) is still owned by our American friends (don't know who exactly, Falcon?) and - I think - is still owned by Shaft. I WOULD LIKE TO TAKE THESE OVER, if the guys are willing to part with them - and I wouldn't mind if you ASKED THEM WHEN YOU MEET THEM. But I'm not gonna push anyone, obviously, the domains belong to them, so it's their choice.

Why new ISP, do we need more powah?
Hell no, we have more than enough space and stuff, and in all the years I've not had a single problem (on the contrary) with the ISP. It's simple, I work for a major ISP, and I get the new hosting package for FREE. And free beats me paying. So there you go.

What about the new site?
Yes, I'm still looking into that. But let me be honest with you. We get hardly any traffic. You guys are busy playing (as you should be). I do all this on my private time. I'm lacking some motivation here, you see. As I said I still wanna do it, but it depends on my personal, err, mood. Could be tomorrow, or next week, or ... So there you go. Again.

Any questions, shoot me a PM.
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Fatal Shadows Re-united
05 Nov 2008 : 18:32  by Static

Greetings pilots, soldiers, operatives, guildies... Shadows!

It is my pleasure to formally announce (since no ones done it yet) that FS(US) and FS(EU), which were originally split back during the days of the Jumpgate launch due to server localisation restrictions, are to be reunited once again in the coming weeks.

To minimise impact on ongoing operations it has been agreed that the site will remain the central meeting point of all shadow operations from this point forward.
While, at times, it may seem logical to split off from the main group to make a dedicated website for specific games a lesson has been learned over the years. Splitting the community diminishes the whole!

At this point I would also like to point out that while the site will be the central meeting point this does not mean that a single Command structure will exist over all members.
Command structures, titles and rankings remain the domain of each division.

With that said, please join me in welcoming our US brothers to there new home on the net

Add your welcome to this thread
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Site Maintenance
13 Aug 2008 : 00:19  by Jarod
Update: Upgrade successfully completed, no data lost.

Hallo Shadows,

the website will move to a new server somewhen in the next 2 days. We're getting a "free" upgrade! Well, for the same monthly fee without extra costs I can get a better hosting deal, hence the move. The outage should be short, if you notice it at all. Data CAN be lost, but shouldn't. Backups are available, of course.

So, if you can't connect, just retry an hour later.

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Got news?
07 Mar 2007 : 00:49  by Jarod

[ image disabled ]I was just informed by an anonymous poster (*nudge nudge*) that a crime was committed! I quote

Some bloody criminal cat stealer stole my cat!!!!!!!

Apparently, the cat has been missing for two weeks. All the FSEU News team hope that the cat is well and will be returned untouched and unharmed soon. We hate catnappers!!! Terrorists! Violate your own cats! Err. Report any cat and cat stealer sightings to your local feline authorities!
In other news, an unbiased critic discovered that Nudge might be able to produce the most impressive sponge cakes ever (What the heck is a sponge cake?). On the other hand, reliable sources report that her simnel cake sucks to hell and back (And what\'s that ought to be?).

Stay tuned. Signing off, Jarod Arris, hoping for photos of the cat and the cakes.

Ladies, gentlemen, quants.

We need news. Badly. Make summin up if you can't find any, dammit. Can't be too hard, politicians do it all the time.

Did you know that William Shatner won 2 Emmys for his role in Boston Legal? Yes, recently, the fa... thickened, ol...derelict Shatner. Respect, man. And Sulu was in heroes, with NCC-1701 on his number plate. So old, so old. You rock, guys.

I have never seen a single episode of Heroes. It any good? Du du du... lala ... now, there, your turn.

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Arrr! By Odin's Hammer! My lord!
02 Jan 2007 : 20:39  by Jarod
Hey folks, check out this Half-Life 2 mod: Pirates, Vikings and Knights 2.

Play as a Pirate, a Viking or, well, as a Knight against the other teams. In currently three different game modes you have to grab the bootey and slay, explode or outrun your enemies.

It's only a beta with a limited number of maps, weapons and classes, but I just played it for three hours straight and 'tis was fun, mateys! Check it out and if you like it, lets play a few rounds together.

--- OMG I just noticed I so sound like a marketing person. Bad me, shoosh ---

PVKII Is a Halflife 2 Modification based on 3 teams from times past locked in a never-ending battle for wealth, dominance, and power.

Pirates, Vikings & Knights II pits each team against one another in a variety of different scenarios enabling a varied, strategic, and fun gameplay. Each team has its overall strengths and weaknesses, as well as each member within those teams contributing special abilities for the success or failure of each goal.
Cooperation will lead you to victory and glory!

They will battle in territories familiar to them such as Medieval Castles, European Villages, Winter Landscapes, Grassy Plains, Sea Vessels, Catacombs, Sea Ports, and more!
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Recruiting - Battlefield 2 - Operation Peacekeeper
26 Sep 2006 : 22:24  by Jarod
Hey ladies, gentlemen,

a bunch of guys asked me to join their BF2: Operation Peacekeeper sessions. We usually play once a week Mondays or Tuesdays, short notice, no requirements.

If you're interested in playing a round or two now and then, send a PM to Jarod or an email to jarod at


PS. Operation Peacekeeper is a mod for BF2 and can be obtained here:
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Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
19 Jun 2006 : 19:02  by Jarod
Tonight, join us at Half-Life 2 Deathmatch. I'll post a server later.

Just frag and teach 'em some repect!

(anybody knows if you can haev tags like [FS] or so in Half-Life? That reminds me, gotta make a FS logo spray symbol, can't be too hard).

Now playing. Add Hekaron to your friends list and join the server he's on
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First Shadow to wear legendary - Sushi and her Thunderfury
25 May 2006 : 08:49  by KNYSBART
[ image disabled ]
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New roster!
21 May 2006 : 14:42  by admin
Hi Shadows!

I have replaced the old plug-in that generated the rank roster. For one it was poorly supported and buggy. And second of all, it wasn't up-to-date anyway.

I said replaced - the new plug-in is much more versatile. Since we lost the data who had which rank and so on (Oh no! What a bummer! - No seriously, I did that on purpose ) your qualified admin will re-create the game teams and set up a shiny new, hopefully bug-free roster. All remaining, unknown users will be deleted, and so we clean out the backend while we're at it.

There's one downside: The new roster does not yet support custom ranks. So you will only see teams, the ranks have to be handled ingame. The plug-in's author however plans to implement the ranks in the next version, and if he doesn't, I will.

Please be patient since there's much to sort out, but FLASH, STATIC and KNYSBART should move you to your teams soon. You can edit your gaming profile by selecting your entry from the new roster then.

If you happen to get problems accessing the forums - please send a PM to JAROD and he'll get that fixed for you in no-time.

Find the new roster in the menu:
Fatal Shadows Community -> Roster

Best wishes,
- J
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Our FS-Party on Sunday!
24 Apr 2006 : 00:35  by KNYSBART
[ image disabled ]
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