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Malice 30 Oct 2017 : 13:31
Found it

Malice 30 Oct 2017 : 03:53
Hey guys where do I find a list of members?

Static 13 Oct 2017 : 17:22
The site didn't seem to think so, so who was I to disagree?

Flash 12 Oct 2017 : 20:19
He means it was Bleachin's birthday not HG's!

Static 30 Sep 2017 : 23:45
Hmm? What do you mean?

Guests: 4
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On this page: 2
Members: 213, Newest: KendRutha
Members Birthdays:
No birthdays today

Upcoming birthdays:
25.11. Flash
28.11. Pascabeus
02.12. Vigocke
07.12. Sugar
11.12. Grath


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News - Category 'World Of Warcraft'
Group Calendar
30 May 2008 : 11:04  by KNYSBART

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Merry christmas to all you out there in the ((still missing)) cold!
21 Dec 2006 : 01:35  by KNYSBART
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WOW Roster Online
25 Oct 2006 : 16:18  by Jarod
As of ... err, a few days ago, the FS WoW Roster is now online.

To access the page direct your browsers at or use the FS Community | WoW Roster link from the main menu.

You can start uploading your character profiles:

Updating instructions:
  1. Download Character Profiler
  2. Extract zip into its own dir in
    C:\Program FilesWorld of Warcraft\Interface\Addons\(CharacterProfiler)\
  3. Start WoW
  4. Open your bank, quests, and the profession windows which contain recipes
  5. Log out/Exit WoW (See above if you want to use the UniUploader to upload the data automatically for you.)
  6. Go to the update page
  7. Click browse and select your CharacterProfiler.lua file found at
    C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\YOURACCOUNTNAME\SavedVariables\
If you have questions, please contact KNYSBART, he's responsible and will help you right away.

(You can also find a thread regarding the new roster here.)
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The big july-cleanout
25 Jul 2006 : 08:06  by KNYSBART
Yesterday evening we kicked some of the cancelled or no more active accounts from the guild. Anyone longer offline than 6th month has been removed by Nerzul. This just makes overview easier for us active players.
If you come back into WOW, please reapply!!

Greetings, Knysbart
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The right one could be a shadow soon!
10 May 2006 : 09:43  by KNYSBART
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21 Apr 2006 : 02:37  by KNYSBART
Our next guild-meeting will take place this coming sunday 6 pm gametime! It doesnt matter where you are, transport will be organized, just be online!
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Poll about our next guildmeeting!
22 Mar 2006 : 18:37  by KNYSBART
Ok, this is only intersting for members of our WOW-Section!

The Command-Staff wants to organize a guildmeeting in the next weeks, and so we want to know what the best-fitting day would be!

So go and click your favorit one here now!

Greetings, Brizzl
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21 Oct 2005 : 22:30  by Flash

Congratulations to the following shadows who have been promoted as indicated!

Akaia to Adept
Tenobaal to Novice
Pascabeus to Novice
Istriel to Novice

Well done all!

Submitted by Flash
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Paladin Suicide Clip
07 Jun 2005 : 01:00  by Jarod

Low-Q WMV, 41sec, app. 2.6MB - Scandal: Giant Bug Kills Paladin
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World of Warcraft Promotion
26 May 2005 : 12:39  by Telengo

It gives me great pleasure to welcome into the Officers Club




who have shown themselves to be worthy of such postions with Fatal Shadows. Congratulations to you both.

The official promotion party will be held on Saturday, 28th, 20 GMT in the Stormwind pub! Ale, gnome bowling and elvish dancers!

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